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Animal Cracker Like 4th of July Cookies

Patriotic 4th of July Star Cookies with Chocolate Icing

I gave myself a push today and produced a whole blog entry in 8 hours. I had the idea around noon, I started baking around 1PM, photo shoot at 3PM and then done editing the pics at 6.30PM and boom here is the blog entry! Congratulate me, because if not following this process, there would […]

Pink Nonpareils Chocolates on Paper

Easy Peasy Nonpareils Chocolates

By now you might know I have a problem. I suffer from sugar addiction and with “suffer” I mean thoroughly enjoy anything and everything sugar. My latest fad and what I am binging on when the kids (who eat grapes and bell peppers) are in bed are nonpareils chocolates. They are super cheap in the […]

Frozen Elsa Cake with Snowflakes

Frozen Birthday Party

Welcome 2015! I am a wi bit late, but that is ok. The last time I spoke to you, it was Thanksgiving, and I am showing signs of life again right around the next celebration…namely my daughter’s 6th birthday party. It was a great little party – everything went smoothly and everyone left sane and […]

Thanksgiving Invitation Printable Template

Thanksgiving Invitation Free Printable Template

Hey, do you remember me? I’m the girl who used to blog here! Yup, the sugar addict. Glad you didn’t forget about me. I’ve been slacking in the blog department for various reasons, ranging from shear falling-out-of-love-with-blogging-syndrome to managing-the-construction-of-our-new-house-itis, with I-m-so-exhauseted-ness in between. But I come baring gifts, a pretty ones at that! I made […]


Bye bye apron, hello hard hat

Maybe you have been wondering what is going on here lately, or better, why there is nothing going on here lately!? There are many reasons, one being my self doubt and my wondering if not all the cookies, cakes and such have been made already?! But the main reason is that WE BOUGHT A HOUSE! […]

Dandelion Honey with Label

Bee Free Dandelion Honey

Let’s give the little buzzing guys a break. They are having a rough time (dying by the thousands) and we sort of kind of need them to keep living on this planet. So we will make our own honey – vegan and bee free! Dandelions are in full bloom across Europe right now and probably […]

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