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Dandelion Honey with Label

Bee Free Dandelion Honey

Let’s give the little buzzing guys a break. They are having a rough time (dying by the thousands) and we sort of kind of need them to keep living on this planet. So we will make our own honey – vegan and bee free! Dandelions are in full bloom across Europe right now and probably […]

Homemade Hot Sauce Recipe

Homemade Hot Sauce with Lime and Pear

I read a funny article this morning about what 50 Shades of Grey can teach men about what women want, Bridgee from Littlestar Blog shared it with me. She was also the one who suggested I read this “kinky” book Anyways, here comes to worst segway in the history of blogs (worse than Nancy Pelosi’s […]

Funfetti Donut with Sprinkles

Baked Funfetti Donuts

Dani brings dessert! That is what I hear from the hosts of the parties and gatherings I go to. It makes me feel good, because I know at least my friends are reading my blog and know what I do here week after week…shenanigans with sugar – that about sums it up! So what better […]

Cookie Dough Whoopie Pies

Cookie Dough Whoopie Pies with Whipped Coconut Frosting

I had made whoopie pies for the first time a few Valentine’s Days ago, the red velvet kind, and they were amazing! When I was in the US this past November I got myself a whoopie pie pan, because just slapping the dough on the baking sheet wasn’t good enough for me, for some odd […]

Cranberry Orange Jam

Cranberry Orange Jam

My mother in law made a beautiful Cranberry relish for Thanksgiving. I could have eaten the whole bowl with a spoon! I tried to preserve that fresh taste and tart feeling in a jam so I could have it whenever I felt like it, even once cranberries are not in season any more. The small […]

Coffee Syrup

Homemade Coffee Syrup

Ah, back to normalcy! Christmas decorations made way for a clean and picked up space – just waiting to be filled with newness. Routine has us back and we had to get up very early compared to the holiday noon breakfasts. Coffee is a necessity on those days! And what would coffee be without sugar?! […]

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